December 22, 2019

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I began my computer networking career by supporting SOHO products mainly Linksys router wireless outputs.

I used to be assigned to a networking division that handles mainly Linksys wireless router where I assisted clients to implement wireless router in their already existing networks or start a replacement small networks with a wireless router. during this blog I wrote many articles to setup various models of wireless router and that I think it’ll be useful if I join all the Linksys router setup guides during a single post. Following in my career, Cisco acquired Linksys and it becomes Linksys Cisco.

With the guidance of Cisco, it introduced a much top-quality wireless router in the market. Most of the Linksys wireless router’s have similar quite configuration steps but in some Linksys models, it’s different. Here I’m planning to offer a standard setup guide for all quite Linksys router models and provide links to specific setup guides. So it’ll be easy for you to follow the common setup steps then select the model number of your Wireless router and follow the respective link to configure the specific wireless router.

Common Steps to setup all quite Linksys Wireless Router

The steps I’m providing here are common for all quite Router. So you are doing not worry about the model you own.

1. Confirm you’ll go browsing before adding Linksys Router in your network
This is a very necessary step in the Router setup method.
You ought to always confirm that you simply can access the Internet before configuring and connecting the Router to your Network. to try to to this confirm the pc connected to your modem and you’ll access the Internet.

2. Check the Modem IP address and sort of Internet Connection
The next important step in wireless router setup procedure is to see the modem IP address. we should always check whether you’re using DSL connection or Cable Internet connection. Configuration steps of Linksys router for DSL and Cable Internet are different of

If you’re not so techie to understand the way to find the web connection type, I like to recommend you to contact your ISP customer support and verify your Internet connection type. Now you ought to check the IP address of the modem. to try to do this please follow steps in one of my previous articles.
How to Get Login IP address of a ModemYou should note the Modem IP address because we’d like this information while configuring the router.

3. Connect your computer to Linksys Wireless Router
Disconnect the modem from the computer and follow the steps below.

i. Connect computer LAN port to Linksys Router LAN port

You can use a coaxial cable (comes with Linksys router) to attach your computer to anybody of the LAN ports on wireless router.

ii. Activate your Linksys Wireless Router

Setup Wireless Router without setup CD

The steps I’m presenting here don’t need the setup disc comes with Linksys Router.

4. Login to Linksys Wireless Router

To login to the Router, follow the actions below.

i. Type on the address bar of the browser

ii. Enter user name and password

Usually, there’s no user name for the router and the password is admin.

So it might be like:


Password: admin

Then press enters to login Linksys Wireless Router.

5. Change the Linksys Router IP address consistent with the modem IP address

If the modem IP address is, we should always change the router IP address to If the modem IP address is something else, you ought to not change the IP address of Links Router.

Change the IP address of Linksys Wireless Router

After this, you ought to click on the Save Settings button

6. The way to Setup Links Linksys Router for Cable Internet connection

To know more about the way to configure a wireless router for cable Internet connection click on the link below.

Configure Linksys in PPPOE mode

Configure WRT54G Wireless Router in PPPOE mode

Step 1: Confirm that you simply can go browsing by connecting your computer to the modem (Without connecting WRT54G router within the network).

Step 2: Connect your computer to the one among the LAN port of WRT54G.

Step 3: Connect the modem to the WAN Port of WRT54G and every one device should be powered on.

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Setup WRT54G Wireless RouterLinksys Wireless G Router

Step 4: Open Internet Explorer and sort the default IP Address of the Router. The error IP address of WRT54G is and press enter.

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Log on to WRT54G Wireless Router by typing the router IP address

Step 5: After Entering the default user name and Password you’ll go online to the Router Setup page.

Default user name : {user name}

Default Password: admin

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Setup Page of Linksys Wireless G Router

Update: To configure in PPPOE there’s no got to change the present Local IP Address.

Step 6: On the setup, page select PPPOE rather than “Automatic Configuration DHCP”

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Configure Linksys Wireless G router in PPPOE mode

Step 7: Enter the user name and Password provided by your Internet Service Provider and click on save.

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Enter PPPOE settings on WRT54G Wireless Router

Step 8: Click on the status bar and click on the connect button.

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Connecting to PPPOE server by clicking connect button

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