December 23, 2019

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So, you only purchased a Dlink-router and now you’re able to get your fast Wi-Fi up and running. Because of D-Link’s Quick Router Setup process, it should be a bit of cake. But just in case, you’d like some extra help, this blog explains the whole process and even provides links to helpful resources.

What you ought to Expect to ascertain within the Box

Although older devices may include a setup wizard CD rather than a Wi-Fi configuration card, your box should include:


Power adapter

Ethernet cable

Wi-Fi Configuration Card

Quick Install Guide

Before you start

Users with DSL providers – If you’re employing a PPPoE connection, you’ll need your PPPoE username and password. If you are doing not have this information, contact your Internet service provider (ISP). don’t proceed until you’ve got this information.

Users with Cable providers – confirm you unplug the facility to your modem. In some cases, you’ll get to turn it off for up to five minutes.

Users with a Modem/Router Combo – If your ISP provided you with a modem/router combo, you’ll get to set it to “bridge” mode so your D-Link router can work properly. Please contact your ISP or ask the user manual for your modem/router device.

Quick Setup Instructions

Step 1: Connect the included power adapter to a wall plug and your router

Step 2: Connect the coaxial cable to the WAN (or internet) port of both your modem and router, connecting the 2. (WAN ports are normally yellow)

Step 3: provides it a flash to start out up with a light-weight indication

Step 4: Head to your computer or mobile device

Step 5: Look in your network preferences and hook up with the Wi-Fi Name (SSID) found on the provided Wireless Configuration Card and enter within the password also listed on the cardboard.

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Congratulations! You’re connected!

Is The Quick Setup Not Cutting It? Let’s Delve Deeper…

Step 1: Unplug the facility to your Cable/DSL Internet Modem

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Step 2: Connect a coaxial cable from your computer/laptop to a LAN port (Port 1,2,3 or 4) on your router

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Step 3: Connect your Cable/DSL modem to the web Port on your router

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Step 4: Power on both the Dlink-router and your Internet Cable/DSL Modem

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Step 5: Open your Internet browser (Internet Explorer/Firefox) and enter into the address bar.

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Step 6: you ought to be prompted with the D-Link Quick Router Setup Wizard, click Next to start.

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Note: This wizard will only appear at the primary configuration. If your Dlink-router router has been configured previously, you’ll get to reset it to travel through the setup. To reset your device to default settings, press and hold the push button (on the rear of the router) for 10 seconds and release. The lights on the front of the router should all flash and reboot. – Return to step 5

The Dlink-router Router will perform a scan to work out the sort of internet service you’ve got. If successful, the web Setup is going to be skipped.

If the scan wasn’t successful, you’ll be prompted to pick your Internet Type:

DHCP Connection (Dynamic IP Address) – Cable Internet Service (Rogers, Shaw, Cogeco, Videotron, Teksavvy)

Username / Password (PPPoE) – DSL Internet Service (Bell Sympatico, Teksavvy DSL, Sasktel, Acanac)

Username: Your Internet username (Provided by your Internet Service Provider)

Password: Your Internet Password (Provided by your Internet Service Provider)

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Next is your Wireless Settings. Enter a replacement Wireless Network Name and Password. This password is what you’ll need when connecting to your wireless signal for the primary time.

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Enter a password for your router. This password is required once you want to log into the Dlink-router router configuration setup page.

Note: This is often not your wireless password

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Select some time Zone.

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A summary of your wireless settings is displayed. This includes your wireless network name and your wireless password. Click Save.

D-link rourter

The Dlink-router router will now reboot to use your new settings and therefore the setup is complete.

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If you continue to need additional assistance, please visit to urge started on a support path to urge things up and running.

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